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Countries ranked by YouTube CPM / RPM for content creators


In the last installment, we analyzed best ad formats with the highest CPM for YouTubers. One important takeaway is that the CPM varies across the countries.

CPM for any media including YouTube varies by country, which depends on the currency and price local advertisers are paying.

Basically, the more the local advertisers are paying, the more the publishers (in this case YouTube creators) can earn from the ad revenue shared by the media owner.

So, which country has the highest CPM on YouTube? The answer will be revealed soon here!

What about ad revenue per thousand impressions (RPM) for YouTube content creators? As Google / YouTube demands 45% of the ad revenue, you can estimate the balance of CPM revenue is reserved for YouTubers.

Here’s how we retrieved the data, we check our own YouTube channel and compile a list of 94 countries that contributed the views in the past one year, from 12 July 2018 to 11 July 2019.

Do take note though that the playback-based CPM you are actually earning might be different from this CPM reference. The CPM rates might fluctuate from time to time too.

Top 20 countries with the highest YouTube CPM

Surprisingly, Maldives ranks #1 with the highest YouTube CPM in the world at USD15.47, which is almost 3 times of the United States, and almost 12 times of Malaysia!

Is advertising cost at the Maldives really that high? Can someone enlighten this?

Look, who ranks second? I bet many don’t even heard of Guadeloupe, a French overseas region, is an island group in the southern Caribbean Sea.

Here’s the full list of 94 countries, ranked by CPM from high to low:

 View the infographic here for the full list of 94 countries ranked by YouTube CPM

If you are a YouTube creator focusing on English content, you might want to know which are the top English-speaking countries with the highest CPM:

  1. Australia: CPM @ USD6.15
  2. New Zealand: CPM @ USD5.63
  3. United States: CPM @ USD5.33
  4. Canada: CPM @ USD4.64
  5. United Kingdom: CPM @ USD4.59

Let’s filter the list to top 5 Asian countries with the highest CPM:

  1. Pakistan: CPM @ USD7.54
  2. United Arab Emirates: CPM @ USD4.72
  3. Japan: CPM @ USD4.60
  4. South Korea: CPM @ USD3.21
  5. Saudi Arabia: CPM @ USD3.09

How about drilling in further to just Southeast Asian countries?

  1. Myanmar: CPM @ USD2.90
  2. Brunei: CPM @ USD2.59
  3. Cambodia: CPM @ USD2.40
  4. Singapore: CPM @ USD2.08
  5. Thailand: CPM @ USD1.94
  6. Vietnam: CPM @ USD1.57
  7. Philippines: CPM @ USD1.49
  8. Indonesia: CPM @ USD1.33
  9. Malaysia: CPM @ USD1.31
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