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10 churches burned in Canada


10 churches have been set on fire in Alberta, Canada, in an attack in which police have linked the incident to historical atrocities against locals. Investigators in the area say that orange and red were painted in churches in Calgary. The Alberta regional leader said the attack was “disgusting”.

And it comes after the discovery of unidentified cemeteries near an old church in a school residence where local children were sometimes forced to attend. The discovery has prompted some to call for the cancellation of a national celebration in honor of Canada Day on July 1. Alberta regional leader Jason Kenney on Thursday said one of the burnt areas was the ‘African Evangelical Church’ in Calgary.

He said that the church members were largely refugees who had fled to lands where churches were often burned or destroyed. “These people came to Canada hoping to develop their faith peacefully,” Mr Kenney wrote on his Twitter page.

“Some of them are shocked by such attacks. “And that is the source of hatred in view of the historical injustices that have befallen us. Let us seek unity, mutual respect and reconciliation. ” Police in Calgary have said the incidents took place between Wednesday night and Thursday morning and that “the devastated areas are all parts of the Christian community”.

One of the places of worship had a widow and it was destroyed so that the invaders could paint it inside, he said. A statement from police said the paint was hand-painted and included the number “215”, with investigators associating the act with “the worst part of history” – the Canadian school housing system.

The government sponsored schools that were run by religious groups in the 19th and 20th centuries with the aim of including local youth. In May, the remains of 215 local children – high school students in Canada – were found in unidentified cemeteries in British Columbia.

Several Catholic churches were burned last month in the western region in indigenous communities. Police said they were committed to carrying out their duties and ensuring compliance. But the report also stated: “Such vandalism is not only illegal – it is also the cause of further division, fear and destruction of our city.”

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