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10 Effects of Masturbation on Women


We have often been talking about the effects or effects of masturbation on men without ever talking about the effects on women. The fact is that women also masturbate or masturbate like men and this act is as harmful to their health as it is to men so to keep quiet without talking about it is unfair. These are just some of the effects of masturbation.

1. It can damage your generation

 2. It makes you lazy
3. It deprives you of emotion, makes you lose the desire to have sex
4. It causes you unnecessary vaginal pain
5. It makes you vagina weak, that is, swollen.
6. It causes the vagina to produce fluid from time to time or the fluid that comes out before sexual intercourse so it will cause you to get bruises and severe pain during intercourse.
 7. You cannot come to know the pleasures of sexual intercourse if you are too accustomed to masturbation
 8. It causes your vagina to lose its taste so it will lead you to run away from your husband
 9. It makes you have occasional irritations for no apparent reason
10. Masturbation is dangerous to your health and if you get too used to it it will lead to homosexuality.
 11. When you have sex with a man you will be too late to reach the top
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