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Messi And Neymar Will Link Up Once More At PSG

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Arsenal legend Thierry Herny left a word of warning to Pochettino in declarations to ‘Dimanche Soir Foot’, referring to the balance that PSG must have despite their world-class strikeforce.

When Thierry Henry talks about football, it’s normally worth listening. Anyone who saw the Frenchman’s performances on the pitch would agree with this statement.

In this case, the Arsenal legend wanted to give a few words regarding PSG’s signing of Leo Messi and, above all, left a word of warning for head coach Mauricio Pochettino about managing a team with so many top strikers.

“Balance is the most important,” he told ‘Dimanche Soir Foot’. “At one point, we always talk about great players, attacking, going forward, but we need a balance. We are talking about the team in which I played at Barca, but people forget to point out that we weren’t conceding a lot of goals.”

Henry emphasised that, as well as having so many star players in attack – Messi, Neymar, Mbappe, Di Maria, amongst others – he must pay close attention to the other areas of the pitch.

“In general, teams that don’t concede a lot of goals are not far from the title, or even from the Champions League,” he declared. “When you have superhuman players, it gets a little easier but when I see how Paris is evolving at the moment…

“They concede too many goals for my liking to be able to go a little further. It is true that there was a lack of players but the balance is the most important,’ Henry concluded. PSG, for their part, look to make it three wins from three in Ligue 1 when they travel to Brest on Friday.

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