Home NEWS Texas six-week abortion ban promotes anti-choice extremist violence

Texas six-week abortion ban promotes anti-choice extremist violence

The Supreme Court has allowed a controversial abortion ban in Texas known as the

In 2016, I gave a TEDx Talk, “Changing the Reproductive Rights Conversation.”  At the time, I spoke about needing to “change the conversation” around abortion.

I advocated that we needed to recognize that people of good conscience and strong faith and deep morality can come to very different decisions on the question of abortion. I spoke about the need for true consideration of other views, without demonizing, without fear. I noted my deep and long-standing commitment to protecting women’s reproductive decision-making. 

I acknowledged that I held those staunchly pro-choice views, and that when I looked at the six-week ultrasounds of my (now 14- and 9-year-old) boys, I immediately thought, “That’s my baby.” I noted that almost 60% of the women who choose abortion are already mothers.

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