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Top 5 High CPC Cost per click Countries 2021, Country Ranks


1. The United States of America

America comes as the first and highest paying nation in terms of CPC rates. This is attributed to its pioneer nature in most of the online programs and spaces thus has a high acceptance rate.

2. The United Arab Emirates

The UAE is a wealthy nation whose development and technological progress is very impressive. The country is the second most paying CPC nation.

3. Australia

Australia also makes the list as a highly rewarding country in terms of CPC rates. Content creators who manage to engage the Australian population effectively can garner a lot of earnings from Google AdSense.

4. Canada

Canada follows next as one of the high CPC countries in 2021. The audience from Canada has progressed significantly to the online space for various needs such as finance, education, and shopping among others making online business lucrative.

5. Brazil

Brazilians offer a good ground for marketers as long as excellent content is produced for the readers and online engagement. Good quality content coupled with relevant ads that suit the population/audience makes websites good money.

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