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Here are the benefits that will come from the Julius Nyerere Dam project


Congratulations to our fellow Tanzanians who are participating in the construction of the Julius Nyerere Dam, on the Rufiji River. : History will never forget them. I also plan to come to work even for a month so that I can be in history.

I am like the Tanzanians who participated in the construction of TAZARA as recorded in history (Tanzania and China). : Excerpt 1. You will generate 2,115 megawatts of electricity. 2. It will be the largest project number

1 in East and Central Africa, and number

4 in Africa.

3. It will produce a large dam (lake) that will be able to carry 35 Billion cubic meters of water.

4. A 1.02-kilometer-long terrace with a height of 131 meters (equivalent to 45 floors) is being constructed.

5. The dam will be 100 km long.

6. The dam will produce fish, tourism, reliable wildlife water, promote natural vegetation and promote trade.

7. The downstream area will have 150,000 hectares of irrigated agriculture.

8. During this construction period it has created about 9,000 jobs of which 89.9 percent are Tanzanians.

9. It has produced a permanent village (due to staff).

10. Project design and management is done by Tanzanians.

11. This project will cost Shs 6 Trillion and Rs 558 Billion, already Shs 2 Trillion and Rs 832 Billion has been paid to the Contractor.

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