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Blessed Are You Alone (Part 1)

by sayarimedia
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ABIGAL is a beautiful woman who graduated with a degree in accounting from SAUT University in Mwanza. While studying, she was fortunate to have a child whose father was known as Jonathan.

The two did not take long in their relationship as after Abigail gave birth to a baby, Jonathan began to show differences that led to endless arguments between them. Every now and then, for them it was a bad day and they finally broke up.

It was a very difficult time for Abigail as she really loved her partner. After Abigail graduated, she was lucky enough to get a job in the accounting unit at CRDB bank in Mwanza. One day at work, she received a text message that shocked her. “You will have to tell him the truth that I am your wife because I am tired of your unfulfilled promises.”

This message left him with many unanswered questions because he could not understand what it meant and who sent it. He decided to dial that number. “Hey hear me tell you I’m tired of your fraudulent words it’s better to be honest than to bore me with your words,” the sister’s voice was heard speaking harshly and complaining and then hung up without even giving Abigail a chance to say a word.

“Is this sister really smart? Or be disturbed! I think he must have mistaken the number, ”Abigail whispered, then put her phone away and continued working. Five minutes later he received another message from the same number. “You can not waste my time for more than two years now you are telling me the same story. Now today when you are coming home please come up with a clear answer, ”this message made Abigail stop her activities and start meditating.

The more he wondered, the more he missed answers. He decided to leave his office and head for the office of his friend Mary who was a banking officer. “How about Abigail why do you look so wrong?” Asked Mary. “Look at this message and tell me what you understand,” Abigail handed Mary her phone to read the message from an unknown sister.

To her surprise Mary asked “Why I do not understand! Do you know the person who sent you this message? ” “No I do not know and even when I tried to call him he did not give me a chance to say a word I would probably ask him who he is,” replied Abigail. “My homosexual these days scammers have a lot of ways to steal. Leave him alone and go on with your work my little one,” said Mary.

Abigail returned to her office with many questions in her head. Later he saw that he was wasting his time on something he did not know and decided to continue with his work. The day was not very good for Abigail, when it was eight o’clock in the afternoon she received a call from the school where she was studying her son needed to hurry and go to Bugando Referral Hospital in Mwanza as her son was taken there after a car accident.

A Prado car veered off course and hit a school bus. Abigail walked out of the office completely confused with tears streaming down her face. He turned on his Rav 4 and sped off towards Bugando. When he arrived at the ward he was stunned to see his ex-girlfriend ‘Jonathan’ standing next to his daughter who was lying on the bed with bandages on her head and arms. Sweat was running down Jonathan’s face in fear.

“And what have you got here,” Abigail asked Jonathan. “Abigail is it you? (Abigail are you?) Jonathan asked in surprise. The doctor on duty that day was surprised by their conversation and discovered that the two men may have known each other.

“Sorry boy I beg you at the office immediately to let the sister see her son and enough the patient needs calm and then you yell at him,” the doctor asked Jonathan to follow him.

While in the office, the doctor asked Jonathan to come out and tell him the truth. Jonathan did not hesitate to tell the doctor the whole tragedy involving him and Abigail which prompted the doctor to advise him to leave as soon as possible without informing Abigail as if he had let Abigail know that he was the cause of the accident, then he must have returned her to the police station without mercy.

which caused the accident. He listened to the doctor’s advice and quickly left the scene and then continued to provide all medical services as promised at the police station immediately after his arrest. After three days the baby was released although his condition was not very good and he was required to attend training at the hospital within seven days.

to be; Jonathan was one of the people who used to visit patients at the hospital there and give aid so that day he only came to greet the patients and then left. The answer did not satisfy Abigail so she decided to find the teacher who informed her of the accident that day, to take her to the police station where they took her ‘PF3’ before going to the hospital.

The teacher did not hesitate to take Abigail to the police station. After Abigail’s investigation she found out that the case was opened and then dismissed after the accused confessed to the crime and paid a fine and then promised to provide all medical services until the child recovered.

“Mother, the responsibility is in our hands and that means from the day your child receives good care without you having to pay anything,” a police officer told Abigail. “Okay officer but I need to know who caused the accident,” Abigail replied. “What good will it do you to know your mother? Thank God your son is doing well, ”the soldier spoke harshly.

Abigail decided to leave angrily as she said to herself in a low voice, “Here is something they are trying to hide from me but I will know the truth.”

The problem arose when Abigail wished that the time to prepare for their wedding had been postponed without giving any reason. It was one evening when Abigail and Felix sat at the beauty’s house discussing the preparations for their wedding.

Abigail expressed complete unhappiness as she persuaded Felix to move forward on their wedding day. “Dear Abigail, good things are not delayed, they need to be done quickly and not be pushed back. I will not allow that to happen if you do not give me basic reasons, ”said Felix.

“Please understand my partner I am not ready at the moment because my mind is not right and I do not need to get married without being comfortable,” replied Abigail. “So let me share what is bothering you eeh? I am your prospective husband if you start to hide your feelings from me soon it will not be a problem there in marriage now? ” He kept talking to Felix angrily.

“I need to know where my son’s father is and then we will get married and enough I loved Jonathan very much,” replied Abigail. “Whaaat! (Niniii!) Did you feel what you really said? Are you out of your mind? ” (Are you confused?) He asked Felix angrily.

Abigail left angrily and headed for the bedroom crying in a stupor from the rage that filled her chest. Felix followed her and began to caress her. “Shut up my wife, I know you loved Jonathan very much and also the accident still haunts you but today I want to tell you the truth you have been hiding for more than five years, so shut up and listen to me carefully.”

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