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FULL ALBUM: Jimmy McNea – ROOTS Mp3 Download

FULL ALBUM: ROOTS – Jimmy McNea Mp3 Download

The Austin Stone is proud to share Jimmy McNeal’s new record ROOTS with you today!

ROOTS is a collection of worship songs that have grown slowly, taking hold deep in Jimmy’s soul since he was young.

Influenced by the gospel music Jimmy grew up singing in church and at home, each track is steeped in the struggles of the past, looks forward to the deliverance of heaven, and encourages us towards hope in Jesus in the here and now.

“This journey has been years in the making, from sharing the idea at dinner with producer and friend, Kyle Lent, to recording my family at my Granny’s house in June of 2018, to recording and writing these songs during a pandemic. I honestly can’t wait for you all to finally get to hear what God’s blessed us to be able to put together.

My prayer is that no matter the stage of life you may be in, you would be encouraged and challenged by the lyrics, melodies, chords, and arrangements. The entire album, every song, tells of a journey we’ve all been on, and many of us still making our way in, through the muddy, yet beautiful waters of what we call life!”  -Jimmy McNeal

ROOTS tracklisting

  1. I Want To Be At The Meeting (“PawPaw” Acapella)|Mp3 Download
  2. A Little While Longer |Mp3 Download
  3. We Sing |Mp3 Download
  4. Hold Me Close |Mp3 Download
  5. My Lament |Mp3 Download
  6. Not Hopeless |Mp3 Download
  7. Don’t Move That Mountain |Mp3 Download
  8. I Want To Be At The Meeting (Reprise)|Mp3 Download