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UDAKU | Mange Kimambi tena – Aendelea kuwatafuna Ma-star wa Bongo, Sasa ni Irene Uwoya

The whole saga of leaking Tanzanian sex videos seems to be getting worse and now I think it is time for the Government to intervene in this matter. There has been a series of leaks of sex videos in the country, from artists to college students.

All this has come after Mange Kimambi posted on his Instagram and leaked the video of Artist Irene Uwoya.Wow! Are we really failing to find Mange? This small world itself, how does it fail?I am very sorry, Aisee, Mange is not a Tanzanian, he has no Tanzanian patriotism, this is not good at all.

The other day he leaked about Lulu, a little bit Lulu should kill herself, today she brings Uwoya, I think Mange is to be killed completely and does not fit in the society. First of all, even those who followed him are just people who will be hanged, They are the ones who give him the head to make him continue to reproduce women.

Often when you are in a romantic relationship understand and realize that, those relationships that you are in now if you are not careful no matter how much you love your partner understand that one day it will die.

Aisee who recorded that video for Uwoya, wherever he is, may he go crazy, be completely confused, or face a disaster that he has never experienced in his life.Girls, be very careful, you will be recorded carelessly by your lovers, now you go to a man and then sleep naked or drink alcohol, you will find yourself in Mange app in the morning.

I think this has continued because the parties probably do not take legal action. It is perfectly fine and unpleasant and this pollutes and degrades the people whose videos are being leaked.